Letters to the Editor: February 27, 2019

Something for every taste this week...

Dark Stage

Beware! Once again, Main Stage West has chosen a very dark theme with its latest production of After Miss Julie. It portrays men and women at their worst, this time mixing cruelty with the heightened vulnerability of sexual intimacy. (See Harry Duke’s review, p18.) In The House of Yes, we were expected to laugh about the suffering caused by incest, suicide and mental illness. For me, and many of my friends, with our current world full of hostility and strife, when I go out to be entertained, I would like to be uplifted, or at least see some redemption in human suffering. If you want to see a provocative play, try Left Edge Theatre’s Sex with Strangers.


Us & Them

You can write about the problem we are facing here in Sonoma County, but the problem is deeper (Open Mic, Feb. 20). Why can’t those in government get off their asses and open their eyes to what is failing around them. I was once told by a gal who works for the city of Santa Rosa that landlords will not sign on to rent control because they don’t want “those kind of people to live in their homes.” Those kind of people? WTF? Some of those folks are working two or more jobs trying to make ends meet. Some of those same folks don’t have children, but the wages in Sonoma County will never sustain the rental costs or leasing costs to live here. We saw how the Napa Valley screwed its locals out of being able to rent, lease or buy in the early to mid ’80s. Sonoma County is going down that same nasty path.

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Normal Behavior

I heard that Robert Kraft and R. (couldn’t afford a first name) Kelly petitioned the Catholic church to designate them Cardinals, so folks wouldn’t consider their “transgressions” anything other than normal behavior.

Monte Rio

Small Price

I am disturbed, disappointed and frightened that so many mainstream Americans continue to place all responsibility for the dangerous rivalry between the United States and Russia on the shoulders of Vladimir Putin. The future of humanity is in grave danger from the ongoing destructive competition between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. It should be obvious to almost everyone who follows the events of the world that unless the United States and Russia are able to change this dangerous and hundred-year-old rivalry into a more friendly and cooperative relationship, ridding the world of nuclear weapons will never be possible. In addition, without this marked improvement in our relationship, stopping the progression of global warming will also remain a virtual impossibility.

Clearly humankind’s only real hope for our long-term survival on this planet requires that both we Americans and the Russians can somehow manage to end our hostile relations and move into a new era of genuine peace and harmony.

I hope that this change becomes possible. And every sacrifice in our excessive national pride will be a small price to pay for saving the entire human race from total destruction.


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