Letters to the Editor: February 14, 2018

'These are dangerous times'

Are Americans

In my view, DACA recipients are Americans. Many were brought here quite young, before grade school. All their lives they’ve been American, educated and steeped in our American culture. Their functional language is English, many hold degrees, and a vast majority are employed and lead productive lives.

It wasn’t their decision to come here. They’ve played by the rules since they’ve been here, they pose no threat to anyone, and they’ve become an integral part of the workforce. They are every bit American in every sense of what that means as everyone else. Do we want to boot close to a million such people from this country, people that we grew up with, went to school with, work with and live next door to?

What is their crime that they should be deported, ripped from their families, friends and the only lives they’ve ever known? This is flat-out heartless cruelty compounded with rank stupidity.

It smacks of the darkest days in Europe before WWII. This is Trump’s vision of “America first”—racist and xenophobic, and it’s echoed by a third of the voting public.

We’re led by people who promulgate hatred and fear. These are dangerous times.


What’s in a Name?

Thank you so much for Dani Burlison’s article, “Triggered” (Feb. 7). As a psychotherapist and someone who has worked extensively with people who have experienced sexual assault and abuse, I observe how heightened media coverage of these topics is hard on those who have open wounds. I hope more seek help as a result of your article, and that more men join the movement toward a more equal society

I do want to point out some language that was hurtful, though I’m sure unintentional. When you name “women and transgender women,” the implication is that transgender women aren’t women. They are—that’s the point. In the future, you could just say “women,” or if you have a reason to specify trans women, you might try “women, including transgender women” or “cis-women (non-trans women) and transgender women.”

If anyone is interested in understanding more about transgender people, there is a conference coming up in April in Santa Rosa for non-trans people to learn how to empathize with, welcome and support trans people. Call 707.829.8293 if interested.


Editor’s Note: Dani Burlison did use the term “cis” in her story, but the word was edited out in an attempt at clarity. Thank for you bringing the issue to light.

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