Letters to the Editor: December 5, 2018

In which readers engage in a conversation about wind, fires and PG&E


My argument: for those seniors on a fixed income, or those living in hospital beds or needing to refrigerate their meds, it’s tough to have a power outage for two days (“Paradise Glossed,” Nov. 21). PG&E said they wouldn’t reimburse groceries this year if they decided to turn off the power! And for folks who are ill, who had money to go buy a generator or fuel to start it or the ability to turn it on? What about those with a well? Their power outage means they can’t hose down their roof or barn?

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PG&E should not be turning off our power every time it gets windy to try and solve their transformers causing fires!

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They have to. I know it seems rough, but when the winds get going and the dry trees snap . . . PG&E is being sued for the deaths last year, and will face more for Paradise. Gotta turn off the ignition factor.

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Sordid Practice

Newsom actually did visit California’s condemned row in the primary of his first run for governor of California (Open Mic, Nov. 28). I agree, Gavin Newsom has the ingenuity to lead California to the end of this sordid practice and waste of tax dollars that does zero for public safety.

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