Letters to the Editor: December 31, 2014

Let’s Get Physical

Body Deja Vu (“Body Conscious,” Dec. 24) is so much fun! I love the music, the choreography isn’t so complicated that it takes forever to learn the steps, but it’s more creative than most exercise dance classes. You will sweat and have fun! The atmosphere is friendly and accepting of all, no need to worry about being a beginner, or carrying some extra pounds. I’ve been coming to Body Deja Vu since it opened, and I feel great! And I’m getting better and better!

Via Bohemian.com

Awesome! Love these guys, and their studio is amazing. So much fun!

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Fun! someone should bring it to Parkpoint health clubs in Santa Rosa to help it catch fire.

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Block by Block

If we are going to spend billions every year on healthcare and food assistance programs, then we need to start investing more of that money into sustainable projects that are nearly free or can pay for themselves over time. Community farms on every block would boost every local economy in this country.

I don’ot think it makes sense that we pay farmers to desist from growing certain crops while people go hungry. Farmers should be paid for their surpluses instead. Until we meet the needs of our own people, we are a poor example to the world. Not for long, though—this generation is here to unite us.

This is how we put people back to work. We just need a New Deal that will allow us to build the food system in this country block by block, just like we built up the roads and bridges. It is our most pressing need. Any initial costs would be made up after harvests and sales in the first year.

It will change our society when there is a local food system for every person. God willing, the people will eat and no one will go hungry. Everyone and everything will be free to live in social harmony when our basic needs are met.

Orange City, Fla.

Go Meatless in 2015

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, particularly those about our health. Although gun violence remains the leading cause of death among young people, our most dangerous weapon is still our fork. Forty-five times as many die of chronic diseases linked to a diet containing animal products, sugar and salt. Hardly a month goes by without another study linking consumption of animal products with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers.

But times are changing. Hundreds of schools, colleges, hospitals and corporate cafeterias, have embraced Meatless Monday. According to a Gallup poll, 22 percent of American consumers are avoiding meat and 12 percent are avoiding dairy products. Harris Interactive claims that 47 percent of American consumers are reducing consumption of animal products. Accordingly, plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products are growing explosively, propelled by investments from Microsoft, Paypal and Twitter founders. Fast food chains like Chipotle, Subway and Taco Bell are rolling out vegan options.

Let this New Year’s resolution be about exploring the rich variety of plant-based entrées, lunch meats, cheeses, ice creams and milks in our supermarket. The internet offers tons of recipes and transition tips.

Santa Rosa

Naked Is Beautiful

There’s nothing unbeautiful about any body on the face of this planet (“Twelve Days of Debriefer,” Dec. 24). God made those bodies, therefore there’s nothing ugly underneath your clothing. If you’re looking to ease your way into the nudist lifestyle, nudist resorts, nudist beaches and nudist dating sites (Google “localnudistsingle.com“) are available that offer a slightly less adventurous experience.

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