Letters to the Editor: December 26, 2018

'Evolution in reverse'

Pull the Pin

Although I had never heard of Norman Solomon, his take on the Democratic Party (Open Mic, Dec. 5) was enough for me to write my yearly letter to the Bohemian.

So here’s the thing: Hillary won’t run, but what will it matter? Because with Pelosi riding herd over the likes of Schumer and (let’s not forget) Feinstein as mainstays within her posse, nothing will change. Simply put, they, like both Clintons and Barack Obama, are nothing more than liars who, like most, if not all politicians, have mastered the art of doublespeak, and the only real difference between them and Trump is Trump sticks it right in your face, while they and the Democratic Party continue to do the things the old-fashioned way: behind closed doors.

Bernie Sanders might have won. Could have beaten Trump, but we’ll never know because in some backroom it had been decided Hillary was it, so at the last minute, it was business as usual and “for the good of the party”—Bernie sold out. Death by a heart attack or death by cancer, take your pick, but until we are willing to pull the linchpin over how much money can be spent running for office—until third parties are placed on the ballots in all 50 states—things will never change.

Come on, people—it doesn’t take someone as radical in thought as me to shake things up. Pull the previously mentioned pin and roll the dice. Start by making it easier to run for office.

Sonoma Valley

God Talks

“I did not create humanity per se. I merely created the mechanism for humanity’s evolution. Clearly, I made some mistakes, because I was not expecting evolution to move in the manner in which it did. I am disappointed, but hopeful. Humanity’s behavior is improving through learning.”

“But You are supposed to know all.”

“That is what the creators of your Bible preached. They were wrong.”

“So it was like throwing dice and hoping for the best?”

“Yes, for want of a more descriptive metaphor.”

“Is Mr. Darwin here?”

“He is here, and he is in his own spiritual heaven. We agree on most everything.”

“What do you think of Donald Trump?”

“Evolution in reverse. Now let us move on to a more pleasant subject . . .”

Rohnert Park


This innocuous and informational article (“The Rent Kept a-Rollin’,” Dec. 5) was rolling around fine until about three-fourths of the way through, when the author felt it necessary to promote racism. Why is it OK to denigrate an entire class of people if they are “white”? [“Santa Rosa’s Press Democrat has already been reporting that one of SMART’s most significant challenges is that it appeals mainly to the ‘white and well-off.'”] Racism is racism, and this is a clear case. Either stop classifying people by their race or let every racial slur stand. But inserting it into an article, and propagating the disrespect of the Press Democrat, is BS!

Via Bohemian.com

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