Letters to the Editor: December 13, 2017

What’s the Plan?

Thank you so much for your recent “Natural Remedy” (Nov. 29) article ostensibly about the opportunity for fire-damage bioremediation. I was reminded in the first paragraph of the devastating fire’s “ticking bomb” effect on us all. And then you buoyantly relate the public-private partnership, teams of volunteers, landowners, public agencies and environmental groups that have quickly grown and focused, like mycelium, on specific actions and solutions. Very inspiring, but tell us what is the plan for citizen participation in the future?

I said “ostensibly” because as I read I couldn’t help substitute the failed condition of American democracy also as a “tragic opportunity.” In the last years, the “ticking bomb” has become more apparent. Could we swiftly come together with the same focus among citizens, knowledgeable people and groups? May your article’s last words “hope to gain rich data about best practices that could be duplicated” be so, at least. But maybe hope is a mistake. Without a plan, hope will drive us all insane.


Fire and Rain

So the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has allocated $400,000 for the Sonoma County Water Agency to find some consultant to install 11 stream monitors and 11 rain gauges (“By a Landslide,” Dec. 6)? Why not hire 11 people at $12,121 per rainy season for three years (11 x $12,121 x 3 = $400,000) to install a rain gauge, report on the amounts collected and observe the stream flow in person during the periods that matter? Really! Fear seems to be dictating the response. And plenty of folks are eager to make money out of the disaster. I’ve received numerous letters from lawyers hoping to help me sue PG&E or take on my insurance company. Various “environmental” experts are soliciting for tree removal and landscape restoration. I guess some are going for bigger fish in angling for county payouts. Please, supervisors, take a breath and don’t panic.


and Balances

Good to know the politicians are working on behalf of the environment and looking ahead to other potential water-quality and erosion disasters. Let’s hope they engage qualified experts and have some form of checks and balances on efficacy.

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Special Delivery

Dear Santa,

Please deliver an indictment to
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.

Thank you.


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