.Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2017

Kicking the can to the curb; I just signed a petition; Let's keep a perspective; I'm voting yes

It’s Scientific

There is research, there are studies and the medical uses are proven (“Clearing the Air,” April 19). Doctors need to be re-educated in order to prescribe the right kind in the right dosage. And Marin County needs to wake up and allow dispensaries to exist in this county. Shame on the supervisors for kicking this can to the curb, again.

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No Gracias

Sorry, but I’ve been reading for years about Mexican nationals growing marijuana in our state parks, on other people’s rural land, etc. (“Double Trouble,” April 19). These are dangerous criminals and should have no rights here! I just signed a petition to protest Trump’s first deportation of a young DACA person, but you’re asking me to care about this guy? That’s ridiculous, and you’ve lost me.

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Nowhere in the story does it say the Mexican national in question was growing cannabis on state park land or on “other people’s rural land.”—Editor

Too Buzzed

It seems that the marijuana situation entirely dominates the press at the moment. There is just too much buzz around it. Everywhere I have lived in California, there were people growing, smoking, infusing it, for at least a decade. My herbalist almanac, published in 1970, lists marijuana under letter m. It’s an herb, not the Herb. While it has some medicinal properties, it’s definitely not suitable for everyone, due to its strong effects on the liver. Besides, there are far more important things going on both globally and locally. Marijuana is turning into another fad, with people rushing to make money on gourmet $500 weed-infused dinners and things like that. Let’s keep a perspective on things.


Just Cause

How can we be against a humane
policy requiring landlords to have reasonable rationale for evicting tenants? Measure C prevents landlords from expelling responsible tenants by requiring them to provide legal rationale for eviction, preventing evictions based on ethnicity, documentation status, family size or desire to find tenants who will pay more. Under this proposed policy, landlords are still allowed to remove tenants who present public nuisances, safety hazards, are habitually late on rent, in arrears, don’t allow access to the rental units, or if the owner intends to move into the unit within 90 days.

As a community, we cannot allow our lower income neighbors to be forced to tolerate unsafe, inadequate housing for fear that if they complain they will become homeless in this zero-vacancy city. That’s why I’m voting yes on Measure C.

Santa Rosa

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