Letters to the Editor: April 11, 2012

Branford Marsalis Is a Very Good Golfer

I would like to correct an impression made in your April 4 “Top Five,” which stated “Branford Marsalis is terrible at golf, lets people in Sonoma play through.” I was playing at Sonoma Golf Club on March 29 when a foursome in carts came up behind us. Because my foursome was walking, we offered to let their group play through. I immediately recognized one of the guys as Branford Marsalis, and because I play keyboards in a blues band asked if I could have a picture taken to show my bandmates. He graciously complied (see photo, below), and then comped us four front-row seats at his show at the Napa Valley Opera House that evening. When he came onstage he mentioned the encounter and said, in a self-deprecating way, that we had let him through because we were tired of seeing him hack it up. However, based on my observations, in addition to being a very nice guy, he is also a very good golfer.

Oh, and the show was great too!


Good Reads

I loved The Emma Caites Way by A. V. Walters (“A Sense of Place,” April 4). The author’s use of setting, history, personal growth and writing style made this one of my favorite books this year! It’s a must-read and I hope to see more from this author. Thanks for the leads on other books.

San Francisco

What Would Buddha Do?

I wonder how many books can fit in a 24-foot truck with daily trips (“Binding for Buddha,” April 4). Does “trip” mean round trip? If I were in the area, I would be at the hearing speaking against this effort. My other thought is that if book publishing is intrinsic to Buddhism, why are there not publishing presses at every temple? Does anyone anywhere care about preserving rural life?


Against Housing Mandates

At the risk of sounding selfish, I worked hard my entire life, saved my money, bought a house and raised a family here in Marin (“For Richer or For Poorer?” March 28). My children grew up with the knowledge that they probably couldn’t ever afford a house here, and moved to where they could. I am opposed to the state-mandated affordable-housing requirements and its basis. The fact that we in Novato are considered an urban area is totally false. This is based on population rather than density. San Francisco for years has been removing its housing projects and not replacing them. Are we now supposed to build them here?


Back in the Summer of ’69

Not so long ago, my generation of anti-war activists marched to protest the Vietnam War, which was taking our youth daily in sacrifice. The war had to end, and it did. We celebrated by having vegetarian potlucks at Ho Chi Minh Park in Berkeley. The kids represented all five races and played Frisbee without a drop of visible prejudice or bad vibes. The adults were good, concerned parents. We had no signs or flyers with intellectual verbalizations—we didn’t need them any longer. The stupid war of all wars had ended. The 1 percent capitulated. Now is the time to finish what we started in Berkeley in 1969. Thanks for listening to an old-timer of the movement.

Santa Rosa

Alice Bag Love

Thanks for the great column on Alice Bag (“Chicana Punk,” April 4). She’s one of my all-time faves. I cut it out and put it on the store bulletin board. I wanted to let you know I stock the book at my store, as well as the companion 7-inch that has her four post-Bags bands. It is, of course, great.

Red Devil Records, San Rafael

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