Letters to the Editor


A Crazy Letter

In the mid-1930s, the great threat to Western democracies was the expansion of fascism, already on display in Germany and Italy. Fearing the same fate for Spain, volunteers from more than 50 countries came to fight. The international brigades were disbanded and allowed to leave Spain in late 1938 when Franco’s forces, supported heavily by Germany and Italy, were on the verge of victory. Communism never was the opposite of the fascism of Mussolini’s and Hitler’s brownshirts. Both possessed the same totalitarian nature. There was only one distinct difference between the two: communism was internationalist, while fascism was ultranationalist.

American fascism has proved it is not one bit interested in the democratic process! The rich of the world, who back the forceful fearful fascist governments to protect them, the capitalists who claim to be proponents and the supporters of democracy are hypocrites. The fascist but so-called democratic governments will be no more democratic than the solidly communist countries when faced with total socialism.

Ted Rudow III

Menlo Park

Another Crazy Letter

The new naked body scanners installed in airports not only violate personal dignity and privacy, they drastically threaten the health of passengers. The radiation exposure is meant to kill flying passengers in the fullness of time with cancer. They are, in reality, the new Nazi gas ovens of the 21st century. In military jargon, these machines are “soft-kill” weapons designed to inflict long-lasting damage.

Beyond the fact that these machines violate the Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. citizens, they are primarily being used to inflict maximum damage to the general public. All of this is part of a massive and multifaceted global eugenics program to reduce the world’s population by upwards of 5 billion people.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Agency, are, in essence, America’s new Nazi SS, carrying out murder, death and destruction in our airports today with these new naked body scanners. These agencies and departments are the same people who funded Hitler’s Germany and were responsible for the deaths of 6 million people in World War II.

Passengers who refuse to go through these death machines are relegated to an illegal and intrusive “pat-down.” Recently, the TSA has threatened passengers with large fines if they refuse to go to their own death by going through these machines and refuse an illegal police state frisk by opting out.

The naked body scanners are being used to biometrically scan a person’s body which will be stored in a police state computer base to be exploited by the state for their own diabolical purposes in the very near future. Biometrics are slated to be used to specifically identify, dominate and control every single person on earth.

Jonas ‘The Prophet’

Mt. Shasta

Dept. of Sanity

Please write to us, dear nonconspiracy theorist Bohemian readers. We know you’re out there.

The Ed.

Waiting for a Happier Mailbag

Sonoma County Library