Letters to the Editor


Proof of Nothing

I’m pleased to read that there are people researching into the “psi” abilities of us humans (“Entangled Atoms,” Aug. 25). Although I consider myself a hardcore skeptic, I have experienced phenomena that are “weird” from the point of view of my logical mind. Although I do not exclude the possibility of discovering a totally rational explanation for those occurrences at a later time in my life, I also don’t exclude the possibility that there is no such explanation at all.

I don’t consider myself by any means as having many psi abilities. That might be the reason why the subject is not interesting enough for me to get into it. What does interest me is our subjective reaction to such phenomenon. As it was pointed out, proof that our belief may be wrong often has the opposite effect of strengthening our belief, which I find quite interesting. Basically, our primitive emotional thirst for predictability and control doesn’t like unexplainable phenomena.

Thanks for a breath of fresh air in a world seemingly stuck in believing anything—whether it’s common sense to do so or not—that gives us the feeling of security at the expense of getting closer to the truth.

Michel Bisson

Berlin, Germany

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Very funny, but sorry—parapsychology is whoo-whoo, it does not exist, and all of this guy’s hoping that it will won’t make it happen. (“All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my right hand!”)

Meditation is hooey, it does nothing, like prayer does nothing. And he thinks he understands quantum mechanics, ha ha ha ha ha. This guy is a mad scientist.

The article did make me laugh, so I guess it has some value—just not scientific.

Denis Scherk

Victoria, B.C.

Everything is Conscious

Yes, the universe is conscious. Healer Dennis Adams demonstrated many aspects of the holographic universe under scientific conditions years ago in the experiments at several labs in Southern California.

People need to become aware that everything is conscious—and sometimes more than we are at times!

Brian Cox

Lynnwood, WAsh.

Note of Satire

We are leaving Iraq! Yeah, whoooo! Just like Obama promised in the 2008 election! Wow, I knew Obama could save this world! He is truly doing it. His campaign promise is real! I am so relieved that I wasn’t hoodwinked. He is God. Wow. I love Obama. Everything that I was promised I got. We are leaving Iraq. I guess that leaving 50,000 noncombat troops behind to die isn’t that bad.

David Brunfield II


Sonoma County Library