Letters to the Editor


Stating the obvious

Why are the Rivertown folk worried that they are stealing Handcar Regatta quotes? (Letters, July 21). “We are throwing a party we want to attend.” That fantastic quote is, um, stating the obvious! I mean, do you want to throw a party you don’t want to attend?

mag pie


¡Ay Yi Yi!

How generous of Ari LeVaux to share his broad knowledge of ethnic cuisine and culture with us in “Chewing the Fat,” including lore from the Argentinean tribe of “muchileros” (July 21). Unfortunately, he says “muchilero” is a word for backpack, but that’s not true in Argentina or any other country. The Spanish word for backpack is “mochila,” and those who pack them are “mochileros.” But don’t worry—hardly anyone familiar with Spanish reads the Bohemian, certainly not among your copy readers.

Martin McReynolds

Santa Rosa

Not ‘plunked’

I take issue with some of Ms. Moore’s assertions in, “One State Solution: How About a Democratic State for Israel?” (Open Mic, July 7). It is a mischaracterization to say that Israel “occupied that land 62 years ago” or that a European culture was “plunked” in the middle of Arab land. Part of what makes the struggle between the Jews and the Palestinians so difficult is that both can lay historical claim to the land. Some 2,300 years ago, a group now known as Jews created religious/cultural institutions in part of what we now call Israel/Palestine. Over the millennia, ownership passed back and forth between Jews and Arabs as the result of various armed conquests. Furthermore, Israel already is a democracy; it may come as a surprise to some that since 1948, Arabs and other minorities have had the right to vote and have served in the Knesset. The current blockade of Gaza (by the way, imposed by both Egypt and Israel) is a result of the fact that since the Palestinians democratically elected Hamas to lead them in 2007, thousands of rockets have been fired into Israeli towns. I refer readers to Rabbi Michael Lerner’s writings, which describe the need for each side to empathize with the history of the other in order to heal the conflict.

A. Flores

Santa Rosa

Peace, Harmony, Thanks

Last year, we set a historic precedent at the Harmony Festival in California by offering the first official safe place for medical cannabis patients to medicate at a music festival. And this year, we went further, as we grew into the amazing 420 village, with music, booths, vendors and wonderful hosts. It was a great weekend of activism, patient’s rights, education and good company.

First off, our most enthusiastic appreciation and thanks go to Antler for the use of his beautiful handmade Moroccan tent, and also the board of directors, staff and volunteers from Peace in Medicine who helped to raise the tent and then staff it throughout the entire four days we were there. A special thank you to all of our hosts and educators: Hana Ahmad, Josiah Barros, Chris Conrad, Steve Hagstrom, Kyle Kushman, Edie Lerman, Jewel Mathieson, Mikki Norris, Mickey Martin, Jon Perri, Ed Rosenthal, Aaron Smith and Barry Wood. And a special thank you to Hap Mapel and Robert Church for spinnin’ us out with great tunes all weekend long.

These amazing folks made the Medicine Tent and 420 village possible: Americans for Safe Access, CannBe, Coboo Creations, Cory Reuter Glass, Duke and D & M concessions, Digital Ciggz, Got Turkey? Turkey Bags, Medicann, Marijuana Policy Project, Oaksterdam University, Solar Works, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Tax Cannabis and 420Medias. A big thank you also to Randi Rembe of the Harmony Festival for helping to make this all happen.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Harvest Dance in November!

Mitcho Thompson

Peace in Medicine, Sebastopol