Letters to the Editor



Protesting the grove

Gabe Meline’s article in last week’s Bohemian (“Passing the Torch,” June 10) was nice to see. Thanks for bringing attention to this year’s events at the “elite retreat.” I am surprised that still, to this day, many Sonoma County residents do not know about the Bohemian Grove and its yearly inhabitants. Many people are shocked to learn that contemporary members include such people as George H. W. Bush, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and other leaders in banking, military, corporate and government structure.

Many of the problems that we as a society face are normally profited from by this same structure in a number of ways. In this sense, we all have a right and responsibility to be at the Grove voicing our complaints.

Corporate and banking influence in our body politic is overwhelming. The “War of Terror” is created and sustained via the events of 9-11. The militarization of police and control of the media has continued in haste since that event. Torture has become a public discussion since 2001. Many of the constitutional erosions seen under Bush because of 9-11 have not been restored by Obama. As ICE raids and Homeland Security continue to spread, their creation from 9-11 has not been checked. Not to mention all the social justice issues that were buried by the events of 9-11.

The official story of 9-11 has been debunked. Steel-framed high rise buildings do not turn to dust from fire. Planes do not fly in our airspace off-course, without transponders, for over an hour and a half unchecked, unless they are allowed to. They want us to believe it was a huge intelligence failure; in fact, it was a huge intelligence success.

Gabe’s article said that there was some worry that 9-11 truth would obscure the corporate-control reasons for protesting at the Grove. I hope now that any worries are quelled. With a new independent investigation, the truth of Sept. 11, 2001, might just be the final piece to the puzzle of understanding how deep we are corporately controlled. Then maybe, just maybe, we can get some peace and justice!

Brian Romanoff

Fontina, Sweet Fontina

I read your article on Mark Todd (“Meet the Cheese Dude,” May 27), and it made me think of Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s statement about why China has not eaten cheese for centuries. Here is the quote from D’Adamo’s first book, Eat Right 4 Your Type:

“If you are of Asian descent, you may initially have a problem adapting to dairy foods—not because your system is resistant to them, but because your culture typically has been resistant. Dairy products were first introduced into Asian societies with the invasion of the Mongolian hordes. To the Asian mind, dairy products were the food of the barbarian, and thus not fit to eat. The stigma remains to this day.”

Maybe Mr. Todd can now help squash the resistance and make China become a nation of cheese lovers!

Susan Evind
Santa Rosa

No more senior discounts

Proposition 13 passed in 1979 and took 30 years to bankrupt the state of California. At the present time, there are insufficient funds to run the schools and prisons, maintain roads and provide a minimum of healthcare for SSI recipients. Filing for unemployment from pink slip to first check takes four to six weeks. The failure in our social welfare system is a consequence of Prop. 13. This inhumanity results in a decline of our public schools, an increase in crime and potholes galore, while license and plate fees increase. People, we are all bearing witness to the richest state in America falling into a banana republic.

Emanuel Marquis
Santa Cruz

Sonoma County Library