Letters to the Editor


Blowing their own horns

In regards to the “Sonoma Jazz+” festival (Critic’s Choice, “The Bad Plus,” March 4), just a reminder: the Sonoma Valley Jazz Society is alive and cookin’! Twenty years strong, we keep free (did I say free?) world-class jazz alive with our summer series in the Plaza, open to all and supported by donations and a group of dedicated, nonpaid volunteers!

We keep crankin’ it up, and we do appreciate Sonoma Jazz+ and its school donations. But the big picture involves more than donations; it involves being involved in the community—not just the Big Tent (and all the elite inside).

Maybe the Sonoma Jazz+ festival would care to work with us, the locals and the Jazz Society, in bringing jazz acts into the Plaza venues to benefit our local businesses, and offer a chance to enjoy music at affordable prices. Everyone wins, and we’ll book the jazz for free!

The Bohemian awarded our Sonoma Valley Jazz Society a Boho Award for 2008 for the best music society in Sonoma County. Thank you for recognizing our efforts. Pass it along to the Jazz+ folks.

Bonnie Thomas
Public Relations for the Sonoma Valley Jazz Society

Clip ‘n’ Go

Concerning your last piece of advice (“Crepes of Wrath,” March 4), if you’re searching for coupons, the Sunday paper has a rather limited choice. Save the forests and your money by going online for a vastly broader selection of coupons with all manner of goods and services. It’s puzzling why Nelson plugs the Sunday paper when her own website has multiple links to electronic coupons. One of the best ones that comes to mind is MoneyMailer.com, where you just punch in your zip code for local coupons. They’ll even forward your selections to your cell phone so you can avoid printing entirely. No more cutting, saving, clawing through the drawer.

Ron Stinnett

Savings Chuckles


This article (“Crepes of Wrath”) was hilarious and helpful at the same time. I loved it. It was filled with truth as well.

Loved it!

Jenna Cregan
Murray, Ky.

Matt Pamatmat Rules

Love the Zappa article (“Keepin’ It Greasy,” March 4). Dweezil! I have read Matt Pamatmat in the past and love his down-to-earth writing. Keep it up!

Keith Nielzine
Santa Rosa

No Whey!

Many years ago, it was revealed that the government had millions of pounds of cheese stored underground to be used in case of an emergency. Unless that cheese has already passed its pulled date, why wouldn’t the current economic/unemployment crisis be the perfect time to distribute that cheese to needy families? On the other hand, be wary, because the cheese may already be earmarked to go to large corporations as part of their bailout.

Neil Davis


Sonoma County Library