Letters to Editor: July 29, 2015

Fog catching is the way to go; Pack your bag, pal; Gluttonous and destructive; We must help

Foggy Idea

Thank you for this article (“Mist Opportunity,” July 22). I have a farm in the Central Valley, and was wondering what sort of mesh-fabric would work. Thanks for your input. I’ve thought about using trees as frames. Or a high tower in an open area. We will need water for trees and family farms. I believe that fog catching and making water out of thin air is the way to go for much of California.

Via Bohemian.com

Love It or Leave It

In reply to Dixon Wragg (“Flag Waiving,” July 15), who says he doesn’t salute the flag out of protest for the sins of our fathers, I have a suggestion: Don’t stop there. Take it up a notch to show you mean it. Pack your duffle bag and move your ass to the first country you find that has brought more freedom, liberty and prosperity to the world.

The notion that Sitting Bull should replace Washington on Mount Rushmore is absurd. You print this junk? The Indians weren’t brutal? They didn’t kill or take over other nations? That’s just pure pablum. The greatness of America lies not in any innocence, but in our ability to surmount our deficiencies and advance toward our ideals.

To that end, 38 million Americans gave their lives to end slavery and genocide, to fight fascism and communism, so you could sit in your house in Cotati and write letters about how horrible the U.S. is. You can salute them.

Rohnert Park


An activity cannot be deemed sustainable when any integral part of it is not sustainable. When it comes to wineries and the tourism needed to support them, auto traffic and its consequent fossil-fuel emissions constitute an unsustainable part of the whole. The same can be said for other fossil-fuel-related activity attendant to the wine industry: trucking, tractors and so forth. Unless all parts of a system are sustainable, the whole cannot be called sustainable, and to do so is dishonest at best and manipulative at worst.


It seems that almost overnight, there has been a voracious takeover of our environment. People in four watersheds of the Russian River have been told that we must control our water use, while vineyards are free of restrictions. California is experiencing a historic drought, yet there are more vineyards, entertainment centers, etc., in the pipeline. The destruction and gluttony of the wine industry is beyond anything I will ever understand.


Help for the Homeless

Little homes with no washing machines and storage fail miserably (“Taking It to the Streets,” July 8). Please stop the stories that fail to adjust to basic necessities. Get a scanner. The police are dispatched on homeless issues for almost 50 percent of all 911 calls. Housing, laundry facilities and showers must be provided for the homeless in all parts of Sonoma County. Failure to do so requires many of them to become lawbreakers in order to stay alive.

Via Bohemian.com

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