.Letters: Dark Age

We are still in the dark regarding the implications (of the fact) that the greatest machine known has more than 10 million endocannabinoid receptor cells within and on the surface of the human body that are specific to absorb the healing molecules of marijuana. (“Wanting MORE,” Rolling Papers, July 15).

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

The main effect is to ameliorate irritation and inflammation including the mind. Cannabis has a plethora of other potential benefits that reverse erectile dysfunction, improving appetite and opening up a new, but related, vision of life itself! But it is not for everyone. Dictators decide for others. Normal took more than half a century to obtain non-stoppable legalization. This is not acceptable but I was not there to notify normal to lead with the positives rather than projecting a defense as though we are guilty. Marijuana is a peace plant and, “war is law, love is almost illegal.”

The deceit of fear and Terror around marijuana may not be unrelated to the fear and Terror of a pandemic that is not a pandemic according to the public health textbooks I studied!

Before kissing put on your mask!

Dr. Joel Taylor, D.C.

Via PacificSun.com.


President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have tried to make it clear: Given the chance, they would push through a Supreme Court nominee should a vacancy occur before Election Day.

Interesting, Moscow Mitch used J. Biden’s earlier challenge to block M. Garland’s nomination. Now, he and this Administration want to go back against their earlier challenge and push through another nominee. Moscow and this Administration should leave the status quo and give the winner the opportunity to nominate a candidate to the Court. 

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa


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