June 27: Highway Poets at the Phoenix Theater


Sebastian Nau of the Highway Poets was surprised the other day to hear that his own band had broken up. Perhaps the rest of his band mates secretly ousted him from the group? No! Sebastian remembered the band had a gig this week—so they couldn’t possibly be broken up. It was all just a rumor, right? Right?? Yes, of course. This week, the Highway Poets bring their A-game for a “benefit for music” concert. The great Petaluma band, along with the psychedelic rock-bluegrass band the Jugtown Pirates and the cross-genre group the Jaunting Martyrs play center stage on Thursday, June 27, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 Washington St., Petaluma. $8—$10. 8-11pm. 707.762.3565.

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