June 20-24: Sonoma-Marin Fair at Petaluma Fairgrounds


“That’s a nice Ferris wheel you’ve got there.” “Why thank you, I built it out of toothpicks and glue for a Maker Faire. The tough part was fairing all the crossbars. . . If you’d like to ride it, the fare’s six tickets.” “I’ll give you nine if you seat me next to the fair lad in that next chair.” “That seems fair enough.” “Splendid; farewell!” The Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma opens today, featuring the Ugliest Dog Contest and performances by (what’s left of) WAR, Banda Realengo, Lonestar, Banda Sangre Azteca, .38 Special and Los Shakas de la Banda. Wednesday, June 20 through Sunday, June 24, at the Petaluma Fairgrounds. 175 Fairgrounds Drive, Petaluma. $10-$15. 707.283.3247.