Jump Over to the Epicenter

As long as your staycationing, why not bounce off some walls?

It had been years since I’d last jumped on a trampoline, but a few minutes of hopping around and that youthful joy quickly came back. And there was so much to jump on, too—an area with basketball hoops and trampolines where you can slam-dunk foam balls to your heart’s content, trampolines on the walls, a crash pad to jump into and a foam pit you could just flop into. I was afraid the half-hour alloted to me would be too little, but by the end I was exhausted—and exhilarated.

But I wasn’t done. After all, I may have had my fill of the Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park, but I still had the Game On Arcade to check out. And after that, a bite to eat at the Victory House Sports Bar & Restaurant. Then maybe get a little bowling in at the 7ten Social Upscale Bowling & Lounge. They’re all a stone’s throw away from each other at the Epicenter in Santa Rosa.

The Epicenter has been here for a year and a half, and already is a premier staycation spot. Functioning as a cross between a theme park and a mall, it offers a selection of attractions ranging from arcades to sports games under one roof.

On one hand, this means visitors don’t need to pay up front; anyone can enter the center and wander around and, say, watch someone play on the indoor soccer fields. On the other, it means that each attraction costs money. If you want to play some lazer tag and then go bowling, you have to pay separately for each, which can get pricey.

Much of the center’s focus is on sports. The bowling lanes and trampoline park are complemented with a fully established gym—members only, unfortunately—and martial arts classes for the kids. Massive TV screens dominate nearly every location, almost all of which feature an ongoing game.

I recommend going during the work week. Epicenter raises the prices on weekends by a few dollars to get that extra cash from the larger crowds. For adults seeking entertainment, try heading there in the middle of the day or later at night, to avoid throngs of kids and teenagers who just got out of school. There’s plenty of time to visit. Epicenter opens at 10am and closes at midnight. visitepicenter.com.—Alex T. Randolph

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