July 14: The 24-Hour Band Contest!


This thing is shaping up to be insane. We’ve got 30 musicians, all from varying backgrounds, who are going to be thrown into randomly assembled bands with other complete strangers. We’re giving them 24 hours to write two songs and learn one cover song, and then they have to perform their set in front of a live audience. Which means you! The results could be disastrous, or they could be earth-shaking, but they definitely won’t be boring. The whole thing is free, and it includes our 2012 North Bay Music Awards, an art show with Bohemian cover artists, food by Mark Malicki, a DJ set by Deezlee, beer and wine, and plenty more. Read more about it here, and be there on Saturday, July 14, at the Arlene Francis Center. 99 Sixth Street, Santa Rosa. 8pm. Free. 707.528.3009.

(Band silhouette image via Shutterstock.)