.Jesse Michaels’ Thrash Metal Blog Is Amazing

Jesse Michaels, the lyrical mind behind Operation Ivy, quietly uploaded two videos to YouTube last week.
They’re titled “Jesse Michaels’ Thrash Metal Blog.” They feature a never-changing photo of Julius Erving. They sound like they’re recorded on a cassette tape. And they’re hilariously off-kilter and profane. (Don’t play them for mom.)
“Don’t tell me I got the genres of thrash metal wrong,” he says, at one point. “Slayer’s not thrash metal? Fuck off. It goes fast. Satan comes second.”
Another bit: “Try going to a Kreator gig in 1983. Lemme tell you something. It wasn’t fun. It SUCKED. That’s why you went.”
With the videos at just 100 measly views earlier today, there was some speculation going around if in fact this was the real Jesse Michaels or just an imposter with an uncanny resemblance and a weird sense of humor. I checked with Jesse: “Yes, it’s really me. It’s supposed to be funny,” he replied. “I know it’s weird.”
For anyone who has both Energy and An Eye for an Eye in their collection, listen below.


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