I’m not mad…just curious…

So there is this whole thing going around the world of the internet regarding privacy and security agencies and level of access to information that is supposed to be classified. What is classified information? I wonder. This Snoeden chartacter jas really turnied the IT world on its head. Or has her? I mean…The technology created by the military and by hackers themselved to become IT consultatns and whatnot should theoritically be able to be hacked. i think. I mean it doesnt matter much

Says blah blah blah:

“This is a dirty little secret that’s being revealed,” said Robert Bigman, a former chief information security officer at the Central Intelligence Agency. “When you log on with a root account, it doesn’t know if you’re staff employee or a contract employee. It just knows you’re root. You’re known as a superuser. You have all privileges.”

What the NSA is saying or rather what everyone in this industry is saying is that they have given people