Huffman to GOP: Get off the Pipe! (The XL Pipeline, that is)

North Bay U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman took to the floor of Congress this morning and WENT OFF on Republicans eager to fast-track that dumb pipeline: 

“Mr. Speaker, we are considering yet another bill to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline outside of the regular order required for all other international energy infrastructure projects. This is a very early Christmas present from the United States Congress to one specific Canadian company. This vote effectively exempts TransCanada from the rigorous analysis and the permitting standards that all American companies are held to. Worse yet, TransCanada will be exempt from paying into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund that all conventional crude companies are required to pay into.

So Merry Christmas, TransCanada.

And what gift can we expect in exchange? Well, carbon pollution, heavy crude shipped through our country to export terminals, and higher gas prices! Let’s remember that TransCanada is on record saying that Keystone XL would increase the price of oil in the United States. Meanwhile, the regular permitting process is already in progress and on track. So instead of rigorous, deliberative process, the GOP majority is rushing to raise gas prices in this country. This Christmas present to TransCanada is actually like a lump of coal for U.S. consumers at the pump. It’s certainly a lump of coal for communities who are sure to be impacted by this pipeline when something goes wrong. And it’s absolutely a huge lump of coal for our global climate. Congress should reject this massive corporate giveaway. We still have another 41 shopping days until Christmas. There’s no need for us to play Santa for TransCanada today.”


Sonoma County Library