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As Legalization nears, ZDCA announces new division to serve the cannabis industry

Santa Rosa’s ZDCA Design & Development today announced the creation of a sister agency that will exclusively serve Northern California’s cannabis industry. The Hybrid Creative will provide web design and branding services as well as business and consulting for medical and hydroponic marijuana.

“The whole landscape is changing with all the new laws and regulations,” says Laurel Gregory, Hybrid Creative’s new CEO. Gregory was the long-time art director and production manager for ZDCA. “Northern California doesn’t have an agency that focuses on the cannabis industry and that’s the niche we’re trying to carve out for ourselves.”

Gregory she said the cannabis has a large number of female CEOs and she’s proud to be part of the movement.

ZDCA has been the product design, marketing and web development agency for cannabis industry producers like Absolute Xtracts, Care By Design, Cutting Edge Solutions, The Emerald Cup, GeoPot, True Liberty Bag and Left Coast Garden Wholesale.

“I believe in cannabis not only as a medical and agricultural crop but as an industry that can really elevate the growth of Northern California,” said Zack Darling, co-founder and CEO of ZDCA. “After many years of very limited sales opportunity, this industry is on the verge of a massive expansion in sales and product development. The Hybrid Creative is here to bring our clients into the market place in big,
innovative ways.”

According to a statement, the creation of a cannabis-specific subsidiary will allow ZDCA to focus on sustainable enterprises, e-commerce and renewable energy clientele.

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