Hair of the Dog

Timothy O'Neil and the long, hard morning after

Being hungover sucks. Not only does it hurt physically, it also ruins your whole day. At least the Timothy O’Neil Band can find some sort of humor in the inevitable aftereffects of a long night of whiskey. Right from the opening line in their song “Hangovers and Hospitals,” the protagonist tells of falling face-first to the ground and smelling blood everywhere. Maybe that’s not everyone’s hangover experience, but still—an accurate description of the mind-numbing pain so often accompanied by tomato juice and a raw egg.

This might seem like enough to stop a person from going out and doing it all again. But let’s not be drastic, here. The Timothy O’Neil band isn’t necessarily the cure for a hangover, but they’re definitely a good time. Their “power-folk” music keeps an upbeat atmosphere from start to finish, as last night’s debauchery fades—or plays out all over again. Don’t miss songs like “Dignity in Vegas,” “So Impossible,” and “Mama’s Boy” on Friday, March 30, at Murphy’s Irish Pub. 464 First St., Sonoma. 8pm. Free. 707.935.0660.

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