Green Christmas

An alternative to giving gadget gifts from a big-box store that’ll end up covered in cobwebs at the back of the garage by July is to bestow an “experience” on loved ones. Think fancy dinners, hikes, classes, workshops and other adventures. Not only do experience gifts save resources, they’re also not made in China and won’t end up neglected and unused. For the first time, Sonoma County Regional Parks is offering park membership gift cards for the holidays. The gift card can be redeemed online for a one-year membership that provides access to all 49 regional parks in Sonoma County, one free night of camping, member events like movie nights and specialty hikes, and a family pass for the Tolay Fall Festival. (Plus no more guilt about parking on the side of the road and slinking through the side entrance without paying.) Membership gift cards are $69 and are available at Spring Lake and Doran Regional parks, REI, the Bike Peddler, NorCal Bike Sport, Oliver’s Markets, Sonoma Outfitters and online at For more, contact 707.565.2041.

With the recent ruling by the Los Angeles City Council that “corporations are not people and money is not speech,” Move to Amend—a group that supports an amendment to end corporate personhood—continues to build steam. Their goal is federal legislation that ensures corporations are not entitled to the same rights as people, and cannot employ money to influence elections. Here in the North Bay, Abraham Entin has been facilitating teach-ins and meetings as a way to educate the public and grow the Move to Amend movement. For more information, contact 707.543.0955.—Leilani Clark

Sonoma County Library