Follow the Money

Thank you, North Bay Bohemian, for following the money (“Charity Case,” Nov. 20). Please continue your good work – hopefully citizens will pay attention and start to vote out some of these players.

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Worse than
you think

It turns out PG&E hired a lobbyist. That lobbyist owns the largest local paper in this area, The Press Democrat. They opened a fire recovery charity together – one funding it, one running it. The board of the charity is comprised of business folks and the family of public officials.

It is worse than you think.

Way worse.

Few things are worse for a community than a paper which cannot be trusted. You cannot know what is true or not.

The PD journalists might be personally ethical but the omission in their articles show a lack of spine.

This is why independent journalism is so important. Just because someone works for an alternative, does not mean they lack skill. It means they do not fit in corporate media structures – and that is not bad.

This article (“Charity Case,” Nov. 20) explains why in horrifying consequence.Well done Bohemian.

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Alive and Well

Thank you so much for this excellent, detailed and informative article (“Charity Case,” Nov. 20). I’m so glad that solid investigative reporting is alive and well.


Getting fleeced

This is why California and the Nation are so messed up. The rich have the politicians in their pockets supporting their interests instead of doing the job they were elected for by supporting the people’s interest. Most people rely on one source of news information and don’t or won’t take the time to look into things any further. We all need to wake up and realize that we are getting fleeced. Demand Congressional term limits, and break these long term relationships between corporations and politicians.

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More Stones

First rate investigative reporting, though one expects there are still stones to be turned over. We want more!


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