Feb. 21-25: Cheese Heads in Sonoma

Hosted by Sheana Davis of the Epicurean Connection, the Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference returns as the premier destination for cheese-industry leaders from across the nation. There are dinners and day-long showcases that include the creamiest and stinkiest of this year’s best cheeses. Learn which cheeses can make you the most cheddar and learn how to build your own cheese empire as you listen to guest speakers like Jonathan Bowen of Gypsy Cheese Co., Jed Asmus of Ewetopia Dairy, Sarah Marcus of Briar Rose Creamery and many others. The Cheese Conference takes place from Saturday, Feb. 21, to Wednesday, Feb. 25, at various locations in Sonoma. $150 and up. 707.935.7960. 

Sonoma County Library