Feb. 14: Zumba-Thon for Haiti at Monroe Hall

You’ve got it all perfectly planned. The dinner reservation, the vase of roses, the handmade valentine, the box of chocolates. The stereo primed with some Teddy, some Luther, some Usher. There’s just one thing left, and that’s a good, hearty fitness warm-up for your Valentine’s night workout. That’s why, on Valentine’s Day morning, Monroe Hall hosts its Zumba-Thon for Haiti. Lovers, take note! Ramp up that cardio while helping those in need! Train for your evening’s mission(ary) by bouncing around to favela booty beats! Feel like a Brazilian person of unspecified gender on a Carnavale float while sending assistance down to those in need! With its resilient “sprung” wood floor and inception born from fundraising for the Red Cross in WW I, Monroe Hall is the perfect spot to spend two hours huffing and puffing to cumbia, merengue, salsa and more. Go home afterwards feeling like a million bucks, take a shower, splash on that Old Spice and you’re set on Sunday, Feb. 14, at Monroe Hall. 1400 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa. 10:30am–12:30pm. $15 donation. 707.570.0670.Gabe Meline

Sonoma County Library