Feb. 13: ‘Dr. StrangeLove’ at Mill Valley Library


Did someone call for a doctor? After the inevitable candy-eating binge from Valentine’s Day weekend, some of us might soon be feeling a little sick to the stomach. What might make a proper preemptive prescription is the 1964 cult classic ‘Dr. Strangelove.’ Screening for free as part of the Political Satire Series at the Mill Valley Library, this black comedy pokes more than a little fun at the nuclear-warfare scare of the Cold War era. The black-and-white cinematography provides a classic feel to the timeless film that contrasts with its heavy, heady message. It’ll make you laugh, think and likely theorize a bit about our current era. Whether you’ve seen it 20 times or not at all, mark the calendar for Monday, Feb. 13, at the Mill Valley Library. 375 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley. 7:30pm. Free. 415.389.4292.