Facts Matter

There is this toxic rhetoric when the president says “send them back.” He is telling you that America is only for white people. Do Trump supporters who approached the Lights for Liberty Vigil in Petaluma recently know the following facts?

White immigrants did not universally “assimilate” and not all had papers. Twenty-two percent of adult white immigrants did not speak English in 1910. Thirty-eight percent of adult white immigrants did not have papers in 1920. Undocumented Americans paid $23.6 billion in federal income taxes in 2015. Like everyone else they pay for highway repairs, police, firefighters, public schools and social security to list a few.

Immigrant adults in 2016 had been in the U.S. more than 10 years, compared with 41 percent in 2007.Undocumented immigrants increasingly arrive by plane, not the border. In 2014, 42 percent of all undocumented Americans in the U.S. were “overstays.” This trend is expected to continue.

Perhaps those individuals choose to ignore the truth. By keeping silent, you then allow someone to tell a Latinx family to stop playing Spanish music, hate symbols are “innocent” and it’s acceptable for white males to approach a peaceful vigil to intimidate and spread fear. Welcome to Petaluma.


I Predict

Contrary to what one previous reader predicted will happen (“Letters to the Editor, July 17, 2019), the chief racist, rapist, treasonous Trump will take a dump in the next election. The people in the United States by an overwhelming margin will elect a democratic president who can bring back honor, truth, and civility to the White House. They want a president who will instigate human treatment of migrants coming across the border, offer Medicare for all, a living wage and labor rights, free college for those who want it, renewable energy, clean water in Flint, hold Wall Street accountable and tell the truth. I predict on the day of the inauguration, the second the Democratic president is sworn in and Trump becomes an ordinary citizen, a team of FBI agents will descend on Trump, arrest is sorry ass, and carry him off in handcuffs in front of the millions watching on television and in front of millions of cheering citizens watching at the National Mall.

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Congratulations to Sonoma County for commemorating the lunar landing anniversary—by making our roads replicate the moon’s surface.


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