Eat a Peach

Healdsburg's Dry Creek Valley should be known for more than grapes

Dry Creek’s other fruit deserves
notice, too.

Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Valley is known for its Zinfandel, but this fertile region of Sonoma County has more than just grapes to give—the peaches may be even more incredible.

Dry Creek Peach and Produce grows some of the finest—and highest priced—peaches around. But don’t let the price tag scare you. In the mood for peach jam, I spied the stand at the farmers market and boisterously proclaimed, “Ah-ha! Exactly what I’ve been looking for!”

I put the jar of jam in my bag, and the vendor flatly asked for $10.

I’m sure my face went pale, but I forked it over in shock. My wife even joked that I was “suckered” into paying way too much for a standard jar of jam.

But then we tasted it, and our minds were blown.

The next week we went back and told the vendor this story, and he listened with hesitation, probably wondering why we were exuberantly telling him he charged way too much for his own product. But he finally smiled when we suggested he change the name to “$20 Jam,” because, in all honesty, it’s worth that much.

We bought peaches that day and found the jam’s secret was not in its other three ingredients (sugar, pectin, acid), but the fruit itself. Pair a peach with some goat cheese and a lush Dry Creek Zinfandel, and prepare for a magical mystery tour of delicious proportions.