Drink Wine, Save Birds

Founded in 2008 by Sonoma County resident Nick Papadopoulos, Burning Hawk Wine is a philanthropic collaboration with Windsor Vineyards and serves to raise funds and awareness about the trials and tribulations of our feathered friends. After a hawk set accidentally ablaze while perched atop a high-voltage power pole above a vineyard fell and started a fire in the dry grass below in May 2008, questions and concerns arose about the impact of our energy system on wildlife.

As with any political issue or environmental-conservation challenge, there are no readily available or easy solutions. Burning Hawk, however, came up with a clever way for do-gooders to support local businesses while getting their buzz on. “When people in the North Bay buy our wine,” says Burning Hawk program manager Scott Johnson, “10 percent of the funds go directly back into our community to support local wildlife-rescue programs. And likewise, if someone in Texas buys a case of our wine, the funds generated go into their local wildlife rescue programs.”

To purchase Burning Hawk’s Napa Valley Red and Alexander Valley Chardonnay, visit www.burninghawk.com.