.Defending Dreamers

Thank you for this explanation of what DACAs face in our court system. (“Dreams Deferred,” News, July 29)

I’m surprised and angry that our (Sonoma County) DA is being so brutal in this case. It seems they are not only ignoring, but violating the Penal Code Sections 1016.2 and 1016.3 mentioned. This was a first time offence (I assume), and the Dreamer had a job and was in school!

Leslie Ronald 

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

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Sad to See

Poignant prose … (“Sadness in His Madness,” Open Mic, July 29). They tug at my heartstrings at the traffic light. I always give them a few bucks; but for the grace of God it could be me on that curb.

JD Compian

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Live Online

I enjoy the online theater (“Out of the Dark,” Feature, July 22) from BroadwayHD, Broadway on demand and National Theater in London. If there were mostly online productions that would be fine with me. 

Since it is difficult to get to Broadway or the West End from Sonoma County, online is the perfect alternative. I would like local companies to do more virtual performances. The time has come to embrace virtual technology.

Larry Loebig

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Waive It 

A working nurse at a Petaluma hospital that cares for Covid-19 patients, emailed me, “How about having the Covid waiver include waiving all rights to medical treatment if you get the virus!” (“Pandemic Fuel,” News, July 22). That is a good point. 

Peter Byrne

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