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'The Big Lie' local effort to get word out


Building #7. Squibs. FBI warnings. NORAD war games. Haven’t we all heard that there seems to be more to the story behind what really went down on 9-11? Of course, questioning the official surprise-terrorist-attack theory makes even the most unabashed liberals blush: 9-11 is this country’s golden calf, something only a wacko conspiracy theorist questions. Or an incredibly talented comic book artist.

Veteran comic Rick Veitch (Swamp Thing) is the author and illustrator of The Big Lie, a 32-page comic book about a woman who goes back in time to save her husband from the upper floors of the North Tower. Armed with her iPad, she has only an hour to convince her husband and his associates to evacuate the doomed building. “I don’t claim to know what went on behind the scenes,” she tells them. “I’m just telling you what is public record where I come from.”

The public record does, indeed, harbor plenty of unanswered questions. Why was the mayor of San Francisco warned not to fly the day before Sept. 11? Why was the military air defense system involved in a training exercise that morning? Why did people claim to hear and see explosions as the towers went down?

With a haunting cover portrait by Jenner’s Thomas Yeates, and produced by Truth Be Told Comics (founded by Sebastopol’s Brian Romanoff), The Big Lie will likely provoke some very strong feelings. But isn’t that the whole point of art anyway? For more, see

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