Canyon Candidate

Though we are still a year out from Election 2020, I’d like to introduce you to a Congressional candidate who promises progressive representation for Californians in the 5th district.

Jason Kishineff lives in American Canyon, went to Napa College and is a former pharmacy technician who has witnessed the injustices brought by big pharma and bad legislation. You can find his platform at

As a former candidate for California governor, a “Dark Horse” as reporter Janet Wells called me (MetroActive, 1998), I understand how difficult it is to garner the support needed to succeed. But, I think times are different and people are ready for change. Please support Jason Kishineff for Congress, District 5.

Napa County

Take Control

Mr. Peter Byrne,

I very much agree with your editorial “Pull the Plug.” (Open Mic, Oct. 30) PG&E is a shareholder-owned corporation that will always put shareholder and management materialistic self-interest above customers, or rate payers. Their fiduciary duties are to owners, not fire victims or other Californians.

The interests vying for control of PG&E are also profit-driven enterprises which will not owe allegiance or duty to us.

While never perfect, Californians need public control of our energy at the very least, otherwise we will continue to be in fire danger and sacrificed to corporate greed and avarice.


Open Letter
to PG&E

PG&E, three little letters with a whole lot of power. Well, here’s three little letters for you: WTF? You try living without power or gas for four or five nights at a stretch and tell me what letters come up for you.

I want to know why this company can’t shut off, and more importantly, turn on power quickly and timely? Where is the money from your considerable profits going ($1.6 billion from one quarter in 2017!)? besides the pockets of your executives and shareholders? How much of our money goes to lobbyists and PR-peddlers in Sacramento working on PG&E’s behalf?

These aren’t rhetorical questions: I’d really like to know.

PG&E has had decades to prepare for weather-related events, improve service for its dependent customers, and troubleshoot future likely events. It has failed mightily and has proven its ineptitude in the power business. Proof of this is their financial failure.

PG&E has no business being in the power business. May the fickle finger of fate find its way to your backdoor.

*This is not directed at the myriad workers who do the labor and the management for the company. This is to the top brass of this failed corporation and those that have gotten fat off it, which includes the shareholders.

Boyes Springs

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