CannaCraft now Red Cross HQ

Cannabis warehouse makes way for relief agency

CannaCraft, Inc. has temporarily donated 12,000 square feet of office space to be used as the American Red Cross Regional Headquarters for Northern California fire relief.

Effective Oct. 13,, 200 American Red Cross volunteers will be coordinating all Northern California relief efforts from CannaCraft’s headquarters located at 2330 Circadian Way in Santa Rosa. The space will serve as a planning and logistics center for Red Cross efforts throughout the area. Volunteers are expected to occupy the space for a minimum of five weeks.

CannaCraft, Inc, California’s largest medical cannabis manufacturer, employs over 140 people in Sonoma County. At this time, several employees have lost homes and over 20 percent of employees have been evacuated. The company is still assessing losses to their sites throughout the area and expects damage to be substantial. The CannaCraft headquarters located in Santa Rosa remain intact and operational at this time.

In addition to donating office space, CannaCraft donated $50,000 in cannabis medicine to local dispensaries be distributed to patients who have been displaced by the fires.

“The cannabis industry has operated without a safety net for so long that we tend to look out for one another. CannaCraft has been fairly fortunate during this disaster which allows us to help out our cannabis community as well as our local community” said Ned Fussell, CannaCraft Co-CEO. Dennis Hunter, CannaCraft Co-CEO, added “We will continue to evaluate our resources including vehicles, property, facilities, equipment, and product to determine how to best serve our community at this time. We will be providing more information on these efforts as they develop”.