CANCELED: Grievous Angel at Mystic Theatre

It’s been near about ten years since the Gram Parsons revival hit full-swing into public consciousness, and because of Parsons’ enduring talent, chances are we may see another ten or twenty years of tributes on the horizon. Easily the Elvis Presley of the Americana movement, Parsons, who overdosed on morphine and tequila at 26, famously went out in a literal blaze of glory after his body was stolen by friends committed to carrying out his wishes to be burned in the Joshua Tree desert. The latest tribute to the man, the myth and the music is Grievous Angel, a theatrical play combined with full-band songs, based on the last interview Parsons ever gave in his life, to Michael Bate, in 1973. Relive the sweet introspection in Parsons’ songs and life when Grievous Angel plays Saturday, Oct. 16, at the Mystic Theatre. 21 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 8pm. $21. 707.763.2121.


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