Byrd Watching

Roger McGuinn jingle-jangles into Sebastopol

While Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and the Bible provided the Byrds with raw ingredients, Roger McGuinn kept busy giving the 1960s folk-rock pioneers their secret spice.

Tumbling out of radio speakers during the Vietnam era, McGuinn’s shimmering 12-string Rickenbacker provided such a distinctive veneer for anthems like “Turn, Turn, Turn” and “Mr. Tambourine Man” that the guitar company offered a signature McGuinn 12-string model.

McGuinn is one of the few guitarists alive adroit at a double-fingerpick, single-flatpick style, and his history intersects with Bobby Darin, Simon & Garfunkel, Gram Parsons and Tom Petty. Former Byrds band mate Chris Hillman has played Sebastopol several times, but be there for a rare concert by Roger McGuinn on Saturday, Jan. 28, at the Sebastopol Community Center. 390 Morris St., Sebastopol. 8pm. $32–$37. 707.823.1511.—Gabe Meline

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