.Blame Game

Two waves of outrage greeted the news on Wednesday, Sept. 8, of Bob Woodward’s latest book, “Rage.”

The first was the President’s disclosure to Woodward that he knew as early as February—even as he was dismissing the coronavirus publicly—that the looming pandemic was far deadlier than the flu.

The second was that Woodward, long associated with The Washington Post, didn’t reveal this to the public sooner.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

So, the public should blame Woodward for keeping this Administration’s obfuscation? No, anyone could argue that, but who would believe it? This Administration has lied to America and could still win an election in certain backward parts of this country and the media (FoxNews).

We are to blame for this Administration, principally for the failure to impeach.

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa

Marin Loves Henry 1

I’m not commenting on the Sonoma County Sheriff’s budget cuts generally, but rather his specific threat of selling Henry 1, their rescue helicopter, in order to meet those budget cuts (“Scare Tactic,” Letters, Sept. 9).

I remind the Sheriff that since Henry 1 just rescued two Marin County firefighters on Aug. 22, at night, with a ring of fire surrounding them and little visibility due to smoke, he may want to rethink that threat. Right now the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office gets to be the hero every time they rescue someone, garnering love and support by just about everyone.   

I don’t know whether he is a fool overall, but THAT would be political suicide and probably result in lives lost that could have been saved … like our firefighters. Just sayin’.

Liz Froneberger, RN



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