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Ethic Cider, Sebastopol

In the heart of Sonoma County, where apples are more than just fruit—they’re a way of life—sits Ethic Cider, a cidery with roots as deep as the apple trees it cherishes. This isn’t just any orchard; it’s a slice of history, a piece of land that’s been cradling apples for over 50 years. And now, under the watchful eyes of Ned and Michelle Lawson, it’s blossoming into something truly special.

The Lawsons, a dynamic duo from the East Coast, found their calling in the rolling hills of California, swapping city life and tech jobs for the rustic charm of apple orchards. They didn’t just buy land; they bought into a dream, a vision of connecting with nature and crafting something meaningful. And so, Ethic Cider was born—not from a grand plan, but from a simple question: “What do we do with all these apples?”

As it turns out, the answer was to make cider, not just any cider. This was to be a drink steeped in ethics, community and the pure joy of nature.

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Ethic Cider is more than a cidery—it’s a testament to the Lawsons’ love for the land, their commitment to sustainable agriculture and their desire to share the beauty of nature with others. With the help of Dwight Harrington, their cider maker extraordinaire, they’ve turned Ethic Cider into a beacon of delicious, ethically-produced beverages that capture the essence of Sonoma County’s apple heritage.

But let’s not forget that at the heart of Ethic Cider are the values of family, community and a deep-seated belief in doing right by the land. It’s a place where children can roam, adults can ponder and everyone can enjoy a sip of cider that’s as rich in history as it is in flavor.

So, if one finds themselves in Sebastopol, they can swing by Ethic Cider at 8490 Occidental Rd. They’re open Friday to Sunday, from noon until 5pm, ready to welcome visitors with open arms and a glass of cider that’s truly like no other.

Appointments are encouraged for a more tailored experience, especially for special occasions. In the world of Ethic Cider, every sip tells a story of love, land and apples. Visit ethicciders.com or call 707.329.6659 for more info. Cheers to cider, community and the endless adventures of the Lawson family!


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