.Best Place to Get Juiced: Sonoma Clean Power

The news broke this week that last year’s deadly Zogg fire was instigated by a tree hitting electrical lines that were owned and operated by PG&E. The mystery—which, frankly, didn’t seem all that mysterious—was solved by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and serves to highlight the need for alternative energy sources that won’t burn down California. Making a sure-footed step in this direction is Sonoma Clean Power (SCP), which, according to its website, is “committed to realizing a clean energy future,” presumably without the nightmare red skies we’ve experienced since the advent of “Fire Season” (how did that even become a thing?). Albeit SCP and PG&E share the same lines, but many might feel more karmically-aligned with the former. Moreover, SCP also sources energy that is 50% renewable and 97% carbon-free. That’s all well and good, you say, but where do I plug in my new Tesla Model 3? Go to SCP’s GridSavvy Community Web Store and get yourself a JuiceBox for less than half the list price with a variety of incentives, and then spring for an adaptor. That way Elon Musk doesn’t get all your money and you’re participating in our clean energy and—hopefully less fiery—future. www.sonomacleanpower.org. —DH

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