.Best Place for a (Literal) Vision Quest


Über Optics, Petaluma

The brainchild of fashionista-turned-optician Nancy Revis, Über Optics, isn’t just a store—it’s a vision (pun intended) brought to life, where retro-chic meets eye care in a kaleidoscope of frames that could make even a mole see the light of day.

Revis, a self-proclaimed maximalist with a penchant for the quirky, has turned her shop into a veritable wonderland of eyewear. From Ray-Ban to Vinylize, it’s like the Oscars red carpet for your face.

Celebrating a decade of defying the bland and the boring, Über Optics is where you go when you want your glasses to scream “I’m fabulous” without uttering a word. Revis’ secret sauce? A dollop of marketing savvy, a sprinkle of design genius, and a lot of love for making people look and see their best.

So, if you’re in the market for some eye candy (literally), strut down to Über Optics. Just be warned: You might walk out looking so hot that you’ll be turning heads faster than a spinning top. And Revis’ advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? Embrace your inner crazy. After all, it’s the craziest idea that we often see the clearest.

Kary Hesshttp://karyhess.com
Kary Hess is the author of the poetry collection 1912, creator of the SparkTarot® and producer of the feature film Pill Head. She lives and works in Sonoma County, CA.


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