Best of the North Bay 2001

Best of the North Bay

Primal Beats

“Generally speaking, definitions are a big waste of time.”

Someone said that once, and we were just wondering who it was. Might have been Kerouac or Ginsberg, resisting an urge to define the Beat movement, or maybe Berry or Joplin or Hendrix, laughing off some lame attempt at defining rock ‘n’ roll.

Or, hey, maybe it was you, the last time some robotic drone from the Big City asked you to define your existence, to prove what’s so cool about living the way you do, to defend your role as a groovy member of the great Suburban Primitive Tribe of the North Bay.

It was you, wasn’t it?

You who are simultaneously hot, hot, hot and so very, very cool. You the triumphant suburban survivor who realizes that your tribe is not defined by things like geography and demographics.

To define the people of the North Bay, you’d have to talk all day, you’d have to talk about shades of green and music and rhythms and ideas and art and collaborations and truth-with-a-capital-T, because those are the primal heartbeats that sound through every amazing minute of your very special life.

Well, we asked you to talk, and talk you did. You’ve talked to us for weeks now. You’ve named and claimed all the things you love best about life within the North Bay Tribe–and here is what you said. Of course, we the staff and contributors of the Northern California Bohemian have tossed in a few tasty tidbits of our own. But you did the work, and we dig that about you, because we know that what really defines the North Bay is you.

You Suburban Primitive you.

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Staff and contributors’ picks penned by Yosha Bourgea, Greg Cahill, Bill English, Paula Harris, Avis Johnson, Ella Lawrence, Patrick Sullivan, David Templeton, and Marina Wolf.

From the March 22-28, 2001 issue of the Northern California Bohemian.

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