Behind the Wine

Reserve Sonoma Valley explores hidden gems

There are more than a hundred wineries in Sonoma Valley, with 13,00 acres of grapes spanning 17 miles, and several generations worth of experience crafting diverse, delicious wine.

It can be almost too much to keep track of. This weekend, our region’s winegrowers offer an array of excursions that take you behind the scenes of many of these celebrated wineries during the Reserve Sonoma Valley event.

Set for Nov. 1, Reserve Sonoma Valley is an eclectic day of memorable wine country experiences. There are eight different excursions to choose from, each visiting four acclaimed wineries and each with a special focus and story to tell. “Harvest in Sonoma Valley” shows off the lively harvest atmosphere and tells the story of the journey from vine to bottle. “Generations of Sonoma Valley” travels to some of the oldest wineries, highlighting the traditions behind these family wines. The “Sommelier Tour” is a full day of professional perspectives on the best wines of the valley.

There are also several “Discover” tours tracking various micro-regions within the valley, from the highland views of the Moon Mountain District to the coastal climate of Carneros. Each excursion includes chauffeured transportation and lunch, making for a worry free day.

Reserve Sonoma Valley takes place on Saturday, Nov. 1, departing from 2000 Broadway, Sonoma. 9:30am. $110.

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