.Jenna Loceff

Jul 17, 2013

Sonoma Media Investments and Magazines

Rumor has it Sonoma Media Investments, owners of the Press Democrat, North Bay Business Journal, the Petaluma Argus, the Sonoma Index Tribune and other...
Jul 16, 2013

Political Scandals and Electability

Once fallen politicians tend to rise again
Jul 5, 2013

The EU Doesn’t Like it Either

It wasn't insignificant that it was the Fourth of July when European Union Parliment convened and voted to suspend two agreements entered into after...
Jul 3, 2013

Spy vs. Spy

In the midst of the continuing conversation about Edward Snowden, the former CIA and NSA employee who leaked information about the government spying on...
Jun 27, 2013


This time it's not the National Security Agency but the New York Police Department that employed less than ethical practices. The NYPD, after 9/11,...
Jun 26, 2013

A Step Up for Business Journal Associate Publisher Brad Bollinger

Long time business editor becomes publisher of the North Bay Business Journal
Jun 24, 2013

I’m not mad…just curious…

So there is this whole thing going around the world of the internet regarding privacy and security agencies and level of access to information...
Jun 21, 2013

The Next Chapter in the NSA Debacle

I always feel like somebody's watching me