.Anna Freeman

Jan 4, 2012

What Next?

The most anticipated year of the century has begun. It could be the end of the world as we know it, or it may...
Dec 21, 2011

New World 2012!

It was a year of wars ending, royals marrying, people occupying and icons passing. Now it's time to bid farewell to 2011 and begin...
Nov 30, 2011

Explore and Play

Collette Michaud, founder and CEO of the Children's Museum of Sonoma County, believes low-tech learning is on the rise. "I believe in the importance of...
Nov 2, 2011

Beak Season

11.02.11The 25th Annual Good Food Hour Recipe Contest is on, and finding the most delicious way to create a meal out of our fair-feathered...
Oct 26, 2011

Happy KOWS

10.26.11KOWS Radio is a nonprofit, all-volunteer station founded in 2007 whose programming blends music with discussion and public affairs shows broadcasting around the clock....
Oct 5, 2011

News Blast

10.05.11 What's Straight?This week, the Sebastopol Community Center hosts a special screening of Straightlaced, a film focusing on the issues and challenges of teen gender...
Sep 28, 2011

Bicycle Love!

09.28.11With the third annual King Ridge GranFondo ride this week, the timing is perfect to honor local cycling with a full museum exhibit. Customized:...
Sep 21, 2011

Book Blast

09.21.11The Sonoma County Book Festival is back for its 12th year, promising a day of literature, poetry, authors, entertainment, kids activities and community fun....