Aug. 25: Mother Hips at Long Meadow Ranch


Hey man, have you checked out Mother Hips’ new album, Behind Beyond? It makes you feel gooood, man. Perfect ’70s nostalgia, am I right? Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono are the real deal, man. I mean, this band is two decades old but they’re still singin’, rockin’ and makin’ music. This stuff is actually heavy, man. They talk about political junk and real issues, but in a soothing, makes-you-wanna-zone-out way. Seriously, the songs talk to you, man. “Jefferson Army” is heavy with politics, but hypnotic and relaxing at the same time. “Behind Beyond” gives off the same vibe that makes you forget all your troubles, man, and just go with the flow. Ride that trippy wave, man, when Mother Hips perform at the summer concert series on Sunday, Aug. 25, at Long Meadow Ranch. 738 Main St., Saint Helena. $35—$45. 3:30pm. 707.963.4555.

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