Around the Office: Lip Syncing Makes a Comeback

Don’t say we don’t work hard around here. The buzz around the office today was all about the Lip Sync-Off between John Krasinksi (“Jim” on the Office) and Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy leads off with an impassioned version of Melissa Manchester’s “Don’t Cry Out Loud” only to be topped by Kraskinki’s performance of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” that reeks of many hours practicing moves in front of a bedroom mirror.

And make sure to watch all the way through so as not to miss Fallon’s syncing of an over-the-top version of “Over the Rainbow” by Star Search reigning champion Sam Harris (remember him?)

Of course, multiple views of the competition only serves as a reminder of the original lip-syncing competition and my absolute favorite show when I was ten years old, “Putting on the Hits,” hosted by Allen Fawcett, he of the blue twinkle-eyes and permed mullet. The show offered up wacky, and often bizarre, renditions of popular songs of the day.

Here are some choice performances from a show that put competitive lip-syncing on the map, the show that let “everyday people shine like the stars they’ve always wanted to be.”

Stacy, Debbie and Stacy do “Crush on You” by The Jets

Tony and Susan doing “Angst in My Pants” by Sparks

Creepy Baby Man

Umm, and here’s Kato Kaelin, at the time a “mild-mannered salesman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin” but who eventually became most famous for living in Nicole Simpson’s guest house on the night she was murdered, doing a baffling and terrible performance of “Born to be Wild.”

Happy Friday!

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