April 28: Mr. December at Bergamot Alley


If there were ever a “Keep Healdsburg Weird” campaign (and we can think of one certain brilliant resident who posts Japanese bondage art on telephone poles and leads mustachioed sex workshops in the town plaza who might helm it), it should take tips from Bergamot Alley’s web presence. “Hippo Sweat Is Red,” the wine bar’s site reads at the bottom, apropos of nothing. Elsewhere, it quotes Willy Wonka, touts its “porn room” (it’s not what you think), and, if you look closely, hosts a shot of Shellyann Orphan’s Century Flower. This is the type of place for live music, indeed, and Mr. December plays here on Sunday, April 28. 328 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 5:30pm. Free. 707.433.8720.