April 25: Reverend Billy at Dance Palace


Praise the Lord! This week, Reverend Billy comes to save America from the evils of out-of-control consumerism. The zany preacher is a quasi-character played by Bill Talen—but make no mistake, when it comes to the messages in the Reverend’s sermons, Talen is a true believer. For years, Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping have been evangelizing and sticking it to the man with hilarious protests: YouTube is littered with videos of the good Reverend invading Starbucks, Walmart and other such dens of sin, with his choir delivering gospel songs about free trade coffee and unions, and performing exorcisms on the cash registers before he typically gets arrested.
Currently, Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping Choir are touring around the country performing their newest song, “Extinction Revolution,” a hymn about the extinction of the Golden Toad due to climate change (never fear—the Toad comes back from the dead, haunts Jamie Dimon, and regulates Wall Street, hallelujah!) Reverend Billy brings his choir and message of salvation from corporate corruption on Thursday, April 25, at the Dance Palace. 503 B St., Point Reyes Station. 7pm. $12—22. 831.419.1058.

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